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The key to a successful project is the implementation and training phase.  Reeves Business Solutions works with you, from simple guidance through full project management   to insure a successful outcome.  Employee training is essential for a productive work environment. We encourage interdepartmental participation during implementation.  When employees share the broader vision and understand how their activities impact others, work quality improves.  Our training sessions go beyond basic step 1-2-3 keystroke training.  We want employees to fully understand the application for increased performance and productivity.



  • Processes
    • Simply identifying an ineffective process will not correct itself.  Understanding the concept and required end result allow us to re-engineer the workflow for streamlined, accurate results.
  • Existing software
    • Companies make significant investments in software, including annual maintenance agreements.  During the original implementation, often times,  core accounting is the focus.  Supplementary modules are left to a later time, which often never comes.  Enhancements are released, additional modules are available and many companies are not aware of the full capabilities. Chances are your existing software is being underutilized, creating off-line home grown tracking and reporting functions.  We have years of experience with Maxwell, Dexter & Chaney and other construction accounting software.  Let us help you get the most out of your systems.
  • Third party interfaces
    • There are many stand-alone products for specific functions that may not be present in your existing software.  Some have integration capabilities while others have import/export options for data transfer.  We have found supplemental applications as required by our customers.  RBS partners with several companies that stand out in their field.  AboutTime, Piracle and GHG.
  • New software
    • There is no perfect software application.  Most companies are dissatisfied with their existing software because they are not fully utilizing the capabilities.  But there are valid reasons for replacing an existing system.  When that time comes, Reeves Business Solutions can provide the expertise necessary to evaluate, select and implement a solution that fits your business requirements.


Employee performance and job satisfaction correlates with the quality of training.  Our approach to training is this – quickly assess the knowledge and capabilities of the employee(s), provide clear, detailed instruction without information overload, ask questions to make sure concepts are understood, and  offer follow-up assistance as required.   Reeves Business Solutions is equipped to provide training via on-site individualized or classroom style, Offsite remote individualized or webinars.

  • New employees
  • Existing software
  • New software
  • Internal processes
  • Microsoft Office