Business meetingIs your office environment operating efficiently and effectively?  Does the field communicate timely and accurate information?  Our consulting services help to identify problem areas and recommend solutions to improve productivity. Too often the market changes, the economy changes, technology changes, the business shifts focus, but operations remain the status quo.  Employees do their best to comply with new management requests but are left on their own without adequate guidance which can result in a narrow focus and ineffective methods of operation.  We look at the broader goals and follow through to the small details that produce results.


  • Business Process Review
    • In today's typical office, everyone is busy - in fact overly busy.  But the truth is that waste abounds.  Office productivity is often burdened with repetitive and unnecessary tasks.  Resources are improperly managed.  Time and money are slowly draining your bottom line. Over the years we have observed and analyzed the office practices of countless businesses and have developed a keen eye for identifying problem areas and offering solutions.
  • Software Evaluation
    • There is a software application for almost everything - Accounting, Sales, Production, Safety, Time and Attendance, Document Management, etc.  Are you using your existing software to its full potential?  Should you add supplemental software applications?  How do you select the right software for your business?  Once the software is operational, how do you keep it current to reflect the changes in your business over time?  At Reeves Business Solutions, we have the expertise to guide you through the software maze.  We'll evaluate your current systems to determine capabilities and limitations, utilization levels, and factor in your goals.  The result: a solution designed for your unique business requirements.
  • Workflow Analysis
    • Management knows that jobs are tracked, product is ordered, customers are billed, and payroll is processed.  But they generally do not know the details of how each task is accomplished.  By tracking a specific task from start to finish, we will be able to identify extraneous steps and streamline the process. Working smarter boosts productivity and profitability
  • Management Reporting
    • Decisions are made every day that impact your business.  To remain competitive in today's marketplace, you need access to accurate, current, and concise information.  Key performance indicators must be clearly defined to measure organizational performance and be available on a daily basis for review.  Warning flags need to be raised when performance or financial guidelines are out of range.  Long range planning requires financial statements and reporting that reflect your business activities.  When was the last time you updated your management reporting requirements?  All too often, reports are put in place and left unchanged for years.  Meanwhile your business has adapted to ever changing market conditions.  Reeves Business Solutions can guide you through the process from an analysis of your reporting requirements through final implementation.
  • Paperless Office Solutions
    • Whether your stance on green leans towards the environment or the bottom line, introducing paperless office solutions save money, boost efficiency and reduce your environmental footprint.  Accounting systems are notorious for producing reams of paper, copies of copies are made and filed. Reports are created and distributed to multiple people only to be quickly discarded.  The fact is, most businesses are drowning in paper which is expensive to handle and can easily be misplaced.  We can help organize electronic files that provide easy access to those who are authorized for the information.
  • Regulatory and Compliance Issues that Impact Business
    • With constantly changing mandates on employers from federal, state, local governments as well as unions and other agencies, it is difficult to keep up.  Reeves Business Solutions makes every attempt to cut through the nonsense and get to the bottom line requirements by finding the experts who can accurately provide information.  We were at the forefront of PA Act 32 compliance, working with the state agencies as well as all of the major tax collectors.  As we learn of potential changes, we work with you to understand the impact on your business.